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About Us
CO Setati Trading T/A CO AIR is a mechanical engineering company unique in its class and industry in South Africa. We provide a wide range of service to domestic, commercial and industrial population at large. We provide skills that the industries require to compete in the world market. We concentrate on research and development to keep up with the machinery that is continually in demand and evolving.

We take time to understand our clients and operate requirements; we provide the best solutions based on our technical knowledge and experience. We provide mechanical engineering services within specifies timeframes. We are focused on high levels of quality and operate throughout Gauteng. We apply principles of engineering, physics and material science for the design, analysis and maintenance of mechanical systems.

We work on power producing machines such as generators, electric stoves, electric motors, steam and gas. We also work on power producing machines such as refrigeration, air conditioning equipment, chiller plants, ducting and ventilation, machine tools, material handling systems and industrial production equipment used in manufacturing.

We apply mature engineering judgments throughout decision-making with engineering problems, we accept responsibility for the decision our team takes. Good problem solving and creative approach to new ideas. We have good technical knowledge; we are involved in design, development, construction, testing and research relating to various machine tools, engines and power using equipment.